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ETS-Lindgren’s Model 2171B Antenna Tower meets ANSI C63.4 requirements for measurements above 1 GHz by keeping the antenna aimed at the EUT during the antenna’s ascent/ descent along the antenna mast. This is especially useful when high gain directional antennas like the log periodic are used. This new antenna tower is also designed with a reduced size base for better manoeuvrability in smaller chambers.


Physical Specifications

Overall Height 4.9 m   (16.08 ft)
Max Scan Height 4.0 m   (13.12 ft)
Base Dimensions 1.1 m x 0.9 m (3.5 ft x 3.0 ft)
Weight 90.0 kg   ( 198.41 lb )
Cross-boom Loading 90.9 Nm (25.0 ft/lb)
Linear Speed 3 cm/sec to 22 cm/sec
Polarization Velocity 3 deg/sec to 30 deg/sec

Key Features

Key Features

  • Meets ANSI C63.4 Requirement for > 1 GHz Measurement
  • Adjustable for 3 m, 5 m, or 10 m Test Distances
  • Variable Speed with Toothed Belt Drive Provides Smooth Operation
  • Fiber Optic Control Lines Eliminate RF Noise
  • Accepts Stinger or Classic Antenna Mounts
  • Hand-Held IR Control Included

Application Notes