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ETS-Lindgren’s Extra High Performance Walkway Absorber is a special absorbent material that is compatible with anechoic chamber reflection requirements, yet provides a walking surface for personnel.

Low-density rigid polystyrene foam is used to encapsulate a standard pyramidal or wedge absorber. A thin sheet of semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride foam is adhered to the top to provide a walking surface, which is smooth and impervious to water, and dirt. The Walkway Absorber fabricated in this manner will support up to 90.7 kg per .3 meter (200 pounds per ft2) and is durable and easily maintained.

Reflections will occur at any foam surface, the magnitude of the reflection being dependent on the density of the material. The ETS-Lindgren walkway absorber utilizes the lowest possible foam density consie resin film, the highest temperature polymer available



Frequency Minimum

Frequency Maximum

Absorber Height

Walkway Height


4 GHz

40 GHz

8.3 cm   (3.27 in)

13.9 cm   (5.47 in)


2 GHz

40 GHz

12.7 cm   (5.00 in)

19 cm   (7.48 in)


1 GHz

40 GHz

21.5 cm   (8.46 in)

27.9 cm   (10.98 in)


1 GHz

40 GHz

31.1 cm   (12.24 in)

38.1 cm   (15.00 in)


500 MHz

40 GHz

46.3 cm   (18.23 in)

53.3 cm   (20.98 in)


200 MHz

40 GHz

61 cm   (24.02 in)

69.8 cm   (27.48 in)


480 MHz

40 GHz

66 cm   (25.98 in)

77.4 cm   (30.47 in)

Key Features

  • Compatible with Anechoic Chamber Reflection Requirements
  • Smooth Walking Surface Impervious to Water and Dirt
  • Supports up to 90.7 kg per .3 meter

Application Notes