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TOE 8950 Series models 8951 & 8952

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Single-output and dual-output power supplies up to 400 W output power – TOE 8951 to TOE 8952 arbitrary power supply

400 W in a compact design
The single-output and dual-output power supplies from the TOE 8950 range have an extremely compact design. As a result of the high efficiency of all units, the complete output power of 400 W is available without problem over wide voltage and current ranges.

Power supplies with auto-ranging can output their rated power over a wide and stepless range of voltage and current combinations.
Auto-ranging power supplies from TOELLNER have a significantly larger operating range than standard power supplies with the same output power.

Adjustment using incremental spinwheels
The output values are adjusted with a selectable resolution using wear-free incremental spinwheels, guaranteeing reliable and precise setting of all output parameters and operating functions even after many years of use.

Innovative sensing circuit
An innovative sensing circuit not only keeps the power supply to your load extremely constant, it even protects sensitive loads if there is a break in the sensor line. The sensing inputs are available at the rear.

Digital: RS 232 / GPIB / USB
RS 232 and GPIB/USB (option) interfaces with the following scope of functions are available for communication between PC and power supply:
– Adjustment of output values: voltage, current and power
– OVP and limit adjustment, autocal function, display, store and recall settings
– Switching on/off of output v
– Reading of actual values as well as warning/fault statesde

The command syntax complies with the IEEE 488.2 standard. Standardized SCPI commands are processed.

Fast analogue control
The power supplies can be controlled in analogue mode; i.e. the output voltage and current can be adjusted independently of one another using an externally applied control voltages.
Short adjustment times for the output voltage are implemented using balanced circuitry.
It is therefore possible to generate powerful and fast output signals without problem; up to approx. 700 Hz at 2 Vpp.


Key Features

  • Automatic setting to the existing line voltage: 115 V or 230 V, 47 to 63 Hz
  • Auto-ranging
  • RS 232 and analogue interfaces included as standard
  • USB and GPIB interfaces optional
  • Outputs at front and rear as standard
  • On/off switching of the output
  • ½ 19“ weight, 2 HU design parallel installation possible
  • Sensing
  • Free LabView™ driver
  • Can be used as constant voltage, constant current and constant power source (CV/CC/CP)

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