SS7081-50 Battery Cell voltage generator

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The Hioki SS7081-50 is a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single package. The SS7081-50’s simple architecture makes building an environment for validating BMS functionality more affordable and productive than ever before. Simulate cell behaviour using high-accuracy voltage output and cell balancing from -1 A to +1 A with two-quadrant output voltages.

Key Features

  • Number of channels: 12 independently controlled.
  • Output DC voltage: 0.0000 V to 5.0250 V. Accuracy ±0.015%
  • Continuous DC current: -210 mA to 210 mA. For current output greater than 210 mA or less than -210 mA,  maximum output time: 200 mS.
  • Maximum DC Current Output 1 A.
  • Voltage measurement range: 0.00100 V to 5.10000 V. Accuracy ±0.01%
  • Current 1A measurement range: ±1.20000 A with Accuracy ±0.07%.
  • Current 100 μA measurement range: ±120.0000 μA with Accuracy ±0.035%.
  • Scaleable with software to control up to ten SS7081-50 units to provide a series voltage of 1000 V (5 V/channel × 200 channels = 1000 V)


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