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Product Overview

Quarry is an advanced analysis and reporting platform used by the wireless device developers and test labs to import measured and simulated data from various sources for analysis and reporting in a common environment. With the Advanced Reporting features of Quarry, full compliance/pre-compliance reports can also be fully automated!

Quarry Base is the core engine of Quarry to which data sources and options are added for full customization. Quarry Base is a great stand-alone tool for any workstation where data is being analyzed and exported to PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel. The base package is installed on every computer running Quarry and includes a set of powerful analysis and basic reporting features that allows users to access and view all data in existing Quarry projects.

Quarry is now fully integrated with ETS-Lindgren’s CTIA-compliant EMQuest™ Test Executive antenna measurement software providing a single click auto-export of data for further post analysis and reporting. Quarry can automate any standard internal or compliance report (FCC, CTIA, and more), error-free and in a fraction of the time normally spent. A variety of custom report capabilities is available in minutes, instead of hours.

Standard Configurations

  • Standard Quarry OTA Bundle – QBU-EMQ-001
  • Standard Quarry SAR Bundle – Standard Quarry SAR Bundle
  • Standard Quarry EMC Bundle – QBU-EMC-001
  • Standard Quarry Design/Simulation Bundle – QBU-SIM-001

Key Features

  • Native EMQuest .raw file support
  • Import Data from OTA/EMC/SAR Measurement Equipment
  • Import design Data from simulation software packages
  • Visualize/report all imported data in one common platform
  • Fully automate compliance reports with the Advanced Reporting module
  • Drag-n-Drop comparisons
    • simulated vs real world
    • chamber to chamber
    • day to day
    • prototype to prototype
  • Smart Folders for Organization & Comparisons
  • Visualize 2D/3D data charts
  • Data grids and export to Excel
  • Favourites
  • Basic Reporting to PDF/PowerPoint/Word
  • Folder Templates
  • Multi-Monitor Support

Application Notes



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