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PMM Immunity Suite

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The PMM COND-IS RF Conducted Immunity System with components and test management software is designed for compliance testing to IEC/EN 61000-4-6 and IEC/EN 61000-4-3 standards.

The system has a “Modular Approach” and utilises the PIMS software, RF Generators PMM 3010 or 3030 and the True RMS Power Meter PMM 6630, all of them remotely driven through USB Ports by any PC.
The PMM 6630 power meter can be operated up to 3 GHz, so representing an ideal companion for Radiated Immunity applications as well, in particular when matched to the same frequency range provided by the RF Generator model PMM 3030.

The “PMM Immunity Suite” (PIMS) software, accurately designed in terms of functions and user friendly approach, can manage the whole range of PMM components during both Test and Calibration processes, introducing the possibility of looking at the various monitoring tracks from generator, power meters and field sensors.

The software is user friendly and provides a really ergonomic configuration which comfortably drives the operator through the various steps, from definition and selection of HW components to settings of required parameters and finally starting the test with “just one button”. The program window has been designed for omni-comprehensive overview of each specific test being performed, so that operator can easily control all details with a quick glance. A graphical scheme of the test set-up clearly reminds about proper physical connections between components, which could slightly differ between Tests and Devices’ Calibrations.

In case of Radiated Immunity Tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-3 in Anechoic Chambers or TEM/GTEM Cells, PIMS does also include calibration of radiated field up to 16 points in the grid of Field Uniformity assurance, providing “Amplifier Saturation Check” routine for proper amplifier/antenna matching verification at 80% AM Modulation increased power.

Key Features

The Cond-IS/10 system includes following standard components:
• Generator 3010, 9 kHz – 1 GHz, -107 to +10 dBm
• Amplifier 6000N, 9 kHz – 230 MHz, 10/15 W
• ATT-25W, 6 dB Attenuator, 25 W max
• CDN M3-16, 3 lines 16 A each, calibrated at 1, 3 and 10 V levels
• Cab-06, Cable Kit to fully connect the system
• PIMS, PMM Immunity Suite software for Windows™ OS operated PCs.

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