PCD 122 Coupling/Decoupling Networks

Product enquiry for PCD 122 Coupling/Decoupling Networks

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The PCD 122 is used for coupling of 10/700µs impulses up to 6.6kV peak onto unshielded symmetrical data and signal lines according IEC/EN and ITU standards. Up to 2 pairs / 4 wires can be tested simultaneously.

To obtain maximum flexibility only coupling elements are included in the PCD 122. Decoupling circuits, which depends on the EUT to be tested, can be placed separately in the test setup. Manual coupling path switching for common mode (longitudinal, line to earth) and for differential mode (transverse mode, line to line) testing.

Default coupling elements are gas arrestors and breakdown avalanche diodes. The coupling elements can be selected easily. The direct coupling output allows the customer to use his own coupling elements.

Key Features

  • 10/700us impulses
  • Serial resistors included
  • Up to 4 wires can be tested
  • Signal Bandwidth up to >10MHz
  • Low capacitive load on the EUT lines
  • Manual coupling path selection
  • Safe and Easy – All the sockets are safety banana plugs to ensure maximum safety to the user. The selected coupling path can be seen at a glimpse.
  • Sturdy and Reliable – Careful component selection ensures that the PCD 122 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regimen.
  • Report Generation – The unit controller can automatically generate test reports without a computer.

Application Notes