MP7200 RF recorder/player

MP7200 RF recorder/player

The ADIVIC MP7200 RF recorder and player covers the frequency spectrum from 25MHz to 2.7GHz, is ideal for field testing with its small size and light weight design and is user-friendly with a TFT-LCD touch screen . The RF recorder can support all existing RF communications and all modulation schemes, analog and digital in the frequency spectrum with a minimum acquisition bandwidth of  20MHz. The RF signal can be stored on a HDD which can then be analyzed via MATLAB software or replayed. The MP7200 allows the users to record and analyze the wanted channel signal, adjacent channel signal, noise/fading signal and any distortion signals.

MP7200 has two RF input interfaces which can support active and passive antenna types. The swap HDD and eSATA interface can easily extend the storage ability. Each recording can be easily named via the friendly UI. Remote control function can be operated via Ethernet RJ45 interface. MP7200 RF player also supports segment play function. Users can set any start and stop points in any RF file to play.


Key Features

  • Adjustable bandwidth from 1 MHz to 25 MHz, capable of recording and playback of the entire FM Stereo broadcasting band 88 MHz to 108 MHz.
  • Frequency coverage from 25 MHz to 2.7 GHz.
  • RF connector with programmable DC output to power the external active antenna.
  • 100 MS/s sampling rate for recording and playback path respectively.
  • Supports GPS NMEA data recording for route playback on Google Maps.
  • Remote control available.
  • Baseband IQ Data formats compatible with MATLAB.
  • Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and File segmentation.

Application Notes