58266 LED Burn-in Tester

58266 LED Burn-in Tester

The Chroma 58266 is a LED Burn-in Tester that each channel can offer a constant current up to 500mA but also has 0~400V voltage measurement function. For product application, various programmable power supplies can be applied for multi-channel constant current output and voltage measurement. The user can integrate several power supplies based on the demands of channels and current for multichannel test.

Key Features

  • Flexible channels output: 32/64/128 channels
  • Each channel can offer up to 500mA /400V
  • Each channel can parallel connection for high current requirement. Ex: 2-ch: 1A, 4-ch: 2
  • High accuracy of current output and voltage measurement
  • Voltage measurement: Max. 400V
  • DUT: single LED, LED array, LED light bar or LED module

Application Notes



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