Hioki 19305 series Impulse Winding Tester

Hioki 19305 series Impulse Winding Tester

Product Overview

The Chroma 19305 series Impulse Winding Tester includes a one channel unit (19305) and 10 channels output unit (19305-10).

The 19305 series has 6kV impulse voltage and 200MHz high speed sampling rate to improve sensitivity of discharge detection. To test more than 10uH, the built-in Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER value and LAPLACIAN value functions are able to inspect the coils for poor coil insulation.

The inspection of winding components includes electrical characteristics and safety withstand voltage tests. Commonly poor insulation of coils is the root for causing layer short and output pin short-circuited during usage. The reason could result from bad initial design, poor process or deterioration of insulating materials; therefore, adding the coil layer shor t test to winding components has its necessity.

The impulse winding test imposes a non-destructive, high speed and low energy voltage impulse on the DUT (Device Under Test) to analyze/compare the equivalent waveform. The main function of impulse winding test is to discover the potential defects such as layer short, corona or partial discharge that is difficult to find in wound components in an early production phase.

The Chroma 19305 series is an equipment specifically designed for testing winding components utilizing a high voltage charged micro capacitor (low test energy) and coil under test to form an RLC parallel resonant circuit. Analyzing the oscillation decayed waveform via a high speed and sophisticated sampling process technique can successfully detect the coils with poor insulation. The analyzer can perform impulse tests on wound components like motors, transformers wound products.


Key Features

  • High impulse test sampling rate (200MHz),10bits
  • 6kV impulse voltage test
  • Breakdown voltage analysis function
  • High speed test
  • 10 channels output (19305-10)
  • Support max. 40channels scanning test
  • Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English user interface
  • USB port for storing waveform & screen capture
  • Graphical color display
  • Standard LAN,USB and RS232 interfaces

Application Notes