SIB 100-TS Arbitrary 4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifier 400 W – 18.000 W

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The SIB 100-TS series SIBO presents a globally unique solution for the simulation of on-board supply systems acc. LV124 / VW80000 and numerous other standards. All curves that are relevant for this standard are stored in the integrated curve library.
The SIB 100-TS series are linear precision 4-quadrant power amplifiers for fast voltage and current signals – each positive and negative (bipolar). They also work as sink in applications to absorb power. Extremely high bandwidth at highest power requirements, necessary for fast signals, characterizes this series. We also want to distinguish the modular design that allows to build up systems with up to 18 kW.
SIBO´s arbitrary power amplifiers include a huge memory of 1.000.000 data points to store arbitrary waveforms in the instrument itself. No arbitrary waveform generator or any other controlling instrument is needed. This makes these 4-quadrant amplifiers unique in the world market. The easy to use WaveMaster software, that is standard in scope of delivery, allows to generate waveforms in a graphical user interface or via tabular input. This test equipment is perfectly suited for tests acc. automotive standards LV124 / VW80000.

Voltage- and current control

Both voltage and current control of the mighty amplifiers is possible. This can be selected on the front panel of the instrument. Control input is 0 … ±10 V for 0 … ±Vrated respectively 0 … ±Irated.

Selectable operating voltage

Three selectable operating voltage ranges allow to adapt to applications for high voltage / low current or low voltage / high current. Especially when controlling extremely low impedance loads, the operating voltage range can be reduced to one third of the maximum output voltage. This leads to an immense reduction of power dissipation.

Amplifier control from PC

In standard, a USB interface is included to communicate and control the instruments by PC. Optionally a LAN interface can be added.

Protective functions

Various protective functions avoid damage of the instrument and also guarantee protection for tested devices. Output voltage and current can be limited and also over temperature shutdown is included.
The inside calculation of power dissipation and totally monitoring of current ensure perfect short circuit and over voltage protection.
Also for security aspects an interlock shut down can be triggered.

Monitor outputs

Located on the back of the instruments there are monitor outputs for voltage and current with its measured values. Output values are 0 … ±10 for 0 … ±Vrated respectively 0 … ±Irated.

Ouput ON/OFF

With its output on/off switch on the front of the instruments, the output can be activated or deactivated. When deactivating, there is a completely galvanic interruption to the tested devices.

Key Features

  • DC - 200 kHz bandwidth
  • DC - 1 MHz (small signal -3 dB)
  • Output voltage ±75 Vpk
  • Rise / fall time 100 V/µs
  • Arbitrary function with 1.000.000 memory points
  • USB interface standard
  • Analog control input 0 ... ±10 V for control of voltage and current
  • Monitor outputs for measured voltage and current values (not all models)
  • WaveMaster Software for the graphical creation of waveforms
  • Data acquisition from oscilloscope signals
  • Modularly extensible via master-slave mode
  • Perfectly suited for tests acc. automotive standard LV124 / VW80000

Application Notes