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ETS-Lindgren High Power Microwave Absorber is fabricated from high temperature materials. The pyramidal-shaped substrate is coated with a conductive polyimide resin film, the highest temperature polymer available.

The substrate used is a nylon honeycomb material, which is stable up to a temperature of 250°C (482°F). Due to the honeycomb structure and high temperature materials used, “pump-down” for high vacuum applications is rapid with low out gassing. The flammability of HP Series Absorber is substantially lower than for conventional microwave absorbers, the material being quite difficult to ignite. If ignited, the EHP HP Series Absorber will self-extinguish quickly after removal of the ignition source.

Frequency Range by Model


Frequency Minimum

Frequency Maximum


4 GHz

40 GHz


2 GHz

40 GHz


1 GHz

40 GHz


1 GHz

40 GHz


500 MHz

40 GHz


200 MHz

40 GHz

Key Features

  • Extremely Low Flammability
  • 200 V/m Power Handling Capability
  • Fire Retardant
  • Numerically Optimized Design
  • Rapid "Pump-down" for High Vacuum Applications
  • Honeycomb Structure
  • Stable up to 200°C (392°F)

Application Notes