FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Lighting

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FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Lighting

Product Overview

The Model FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Light System is a practical, cost effective solution for illuminating the interior of anechoic chambers with cool white light. The system is a logical choice for installing in new chambers, or retrofitting existing chambers that have older, RF-emitting metal halide bulbs. The benefits of the FOL-80-F system include minimized chamber penetrations, removal of potential EMI sources, reduced maintenance, and better light distribution in the chamber.

The system’s electrically powered light source is mounted externally, and transmits light into the chamber with low side-loss fiber optic cable. This method eliminates compromising the integrity of the test environment from EMI sources such as AC current, ballast, or arcing bulb elements.

Each Model FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Light System is a single source fiber with a R.F. rating of 10 GHz and each FOL-80-F illuminates 1 fiber optic source. Each fiber optic bundle entering the chamber is terminated with a non-reflective fused finish that provides a 60° light spared

Electrical Specifications

Ballast Thermally Protected Electronics
Lamp 82 Watt LED
Power 109.6 Watts Total Power Consumption
Ratings IP23
Ventilation 71 CFM Fan Cooled
Average Life 50,000 Hours
Colour Temperature 5000 Kelvin
Colour Rendering Index 70
Fiber Lumens 540 Lumens measured at 35′ Distance
Standards CE

Key Features

  • Provides Cool White Light
  • Eliminates a Source of RF Noise
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost
  • A Complete Integrated Solution
  • Replaces Older Metal Halide Bulbs

Application Notes