17208M-6-30 8 Channel Battery Cell Tester

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8 Channel Battery Cell Tester from Chroma

Chroma’s 17208M is a standalone 8 channel version of their 17011 series high precision charge/discharge tester specifically designed for Lithium-ion batteries, electrical double layer capacitors (EDLC), and lithium-ion capacitors (LIC).
The 17208M comes as a fully integrated system which includes allowing full configuration with reporting and statistics capability.

The new Chroma 17208M-6-30 is a high accuracy (±0.02% of F.S.) programmable charge and discharge tester (6V/30A 8 channels) built with 4 current ranges. It is the best test solution for energy storage products such as battery cells, super capacitors, and lithium ion capacitors. Suitable for product characteristics screening, cycle life testing, incoming and shipping inspection, material experiment, and balancing battery voltages. It also has excellent output and measurement stability that can accurately apply voltage and current test signal to measure subtle differences in the analyte, such as incremental capacity analysis and coulomb efficiency analysis. The fast output response and high frequency sampling features can be used to perform dynamic waveform testing and characteristic analysis. The Chroma powerful Battery Pro Programmable Charge/Discharge Test System software provides users flexible test plan arrangement with multiple safety protection, chamber control, and automatic export of test data, etc., giving users the best laboratory solution. The system is expandable up to 32 channels which can be controlled individually, in groups or in parallel.


Key Features

  • Four current ranges (1mA, 100mA, 10A, 30A) for measurement
  • Voltage range  0mV~6000mV)
  • Up to 0.02%F.S high accuracy output and measurement
  • Up to 1ms dynamic data refresh rate in pulse mode
  • Desktop laboratory equipment with single phase power input and front wiring
  • 6V/30A/8CH standard unit specification
  • Expandable up to 32 Channels
  • Battery Pro Programmable Charge/Discharge Test System Software
  • Temperature Logging & Climatic Chamber Logging Options

Application Notes