1008 Series Magnetic Field Generator

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Magnetic field generator test systems

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The 1008 is a magnetic field generator system at power frequency.
The generator is a current generator and the indication of the field is obtained considering the antenna factor, the system includes the antenna formed by one coil and the antenna mast.
The correct output current is automatically set and regulated by the generator.
The 1008 is designed to meet all the requirements contained in the EN 61000-4-8 standard and to cover all the levels described in continuous and short mode.


Key Features

The 1008 includes the following it:

  • Magnetic field generator;
  • Power cable;
  • two cables to connect generator to the loop;
  • one generator support with 4 screws;
  • user manual.
  • Hardware Key DB15


Application Notes



  • Datasheet for 1008 Series Magnetic Field Generator
  • Series Datasheets

    The optional accessories are:

    • Square loop 1m
    • Square loop 1.5m
    • Square loop 2m
    • Circular loop 40cm
    • Circular loop 1m
    • Rectangular loop 2.6x1m
    • Second antenna mast for square loop 1.5m, or 2m, or rectangular loop 2.6x1m