Hioki SS7012 DC Signal Source

Hioki SS7012 DC Signal Source

Introducing the HIOKI DC Signal Source SS7012, the ultimate tool for instrumentation system maintenance, electronic device evaluation, and production facility maintenance. This compact source simultaneously supplies and measures signals, making it an ideal choice for validating thermostatic devices and distributors, conducting loop testing of instrumentation systems (4-20mA), and serving as a calibrator and low-power generator.

With its improved stability and lower calibration costs, the SS7012 offers a range of features that make it a versatile and efficient tool for maintenance and testing. It can substitute the output of sensors such as thermocouple voltage, current, and resistance, and it can be controlled from a PC via USB connection.

The SS7012 also supplies thermoelectromotive force corresponding to eight types of thermocouples. Additionally, it features temperature measurement capabilities from -25 to 80°C, making it an excellent thermometer calibration tool.

Despite its small size and light weight, the SS7012 is highly precise and stable, with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.03% for CV and CC sourcing and ±0.05% ±0.5°C* for TC (0°C) sourcing. With up to 20 levels stored for each source function, the SS7012 is an ideal choice for meter checking, repetitive adjustments, and linearity testing.

The SS7012 PC application is available at no cost from the HIOKI website, allowing full external control via the USB interface. With its intuitive operation, the SS7012 is an essential tool for anyone working in maintenance, production, or electronic device evaluation.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)[Generation functions]

Circuit method Bipolar sink and source
Constant voltage 2.5 V: 0 to ±2.5000 V (±0.03 % of setting ±300 μV, 100 μV resolution)
25 V: 0 to ±25.000 V (±0.03 % of setting ±3 mV, 1 mV resolution)
Constant current 25 mA: 0 to ±25.000 mA (±0.03 % of setting ±3 μA, 1 μA resolution)
Thermoelectric power generation K: at TC: 0 ˚C, -174.0 to 1372.0 ˚C (±0.05 % of setting ±0.5 ˚C, 0.1 ˚C resolution)), Other types: E, J, T, R, S, B, N selectable
Thermoelectric power generation K: at TC: RJ, -174.0 to 1372.0 ˚C (±0.05 % of setting ±1.0 ˚C, 0.1 ˚C resolution), Other types: E, J, T, R, S, B, N selectable
Standard resistance (Rs) 100 Ω (±0.2 Ω)
Automatic generation Number of memory steps: 20, Interval time: 1 to 99 sec (at CV, CC, TC mode)

[Measurement functions]

Voltage 2.5 V: 0 to ±2.8000 V (±0.03 % rdg. ±300 μV, 100 μV resolution, 1 MΩ input resistance)
25 V: 0 to ±28.000 V (±0.03 % rdg. ±3 mV, 1 mV resolution, 1 MΩ input resistance)
Current 25 mA: 0 to ±28.000 mA (±0.03 % rdg. ±3 μA, 1 μA resolution, smaller than 30 Ω input resistance)
Temperature -25.0 to 80.0 ˚C (±0.5 ˚C at 23 ±5 ˚C, 0.1 ˚C resolution, use with the RJ sensor 9184)
Sampling rate Approx. 1.67 times/sec

[General functions]

Additional functions Zero adjustment, Overflow display, USB communication, Monitor
Power supply AC adapter 9445-02/-03 (100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz, 9 VA),
Ni-MH battery HR6 × 4, 6 VA, (fully charged 2500 mAh Ni-MH batteries: 170 minutes continuous use), or LR6 (AA) alkaline battery × 4, 6 VA
Dimensions and mass 104 mm (4.09 in) W × 180 mm (7.09 in) H × 58 mm (2.28 in) D, 660 g (23.3 oz) (including LR6 × 4 batteries)
Accessories Input cord 9168 ×1, Test lead L9170-10 ×1, Fuse ×1, LR6 (AA) alkaline battery ×4, Instruction manual ×1, Communication Package SS9000


Key Features

  • Improve stability and reduce calibration costs compared with the previous HIOKI model
  • For instrumentation systems (4 – 20 mA) and loop testing
  • Check temperature control equipment and electric distribution
  • 8 types of thermocouples to test thermoelectric power generation
  • Ideal for electrical device evaluating and routine maintenance of production equipment such as calibrators
  • Use the max. 25 mA DC sink as an electric load


Application Notes