R&S ZND Vector Network Analyzer

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Vector Network Analyzer

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Product Overview

The R&S ZND is a basic network analyzer that provides unidirectional measurements up to 4.5 GHz. Options are available to perform bidirectional measurements and to extend the frequency range to 8.5 GHz.

The R&S ZND supplements the R&S®ZNB family of net?work analyzers. The unidirectional R&S ZND base model can be used to measure the S?parameters S11 and S21. The R&S ZND can easily be upgraded to provide bidirectional measurements and to extend the frequency range up to 8.5 GHz. Users can tailor the instrument to their specific needs in RF component production and development.

The easy-to-operate R&S ZND is also ideal for training purposes. The analyzer’s large touchscreen makes it possible to display multiple results simultaneously. The R&S ZND has the same remote control command set as the analyzers from the R&S ZNB family. Users can switch between instruments without having to modify control programs.

Model Selection

Vector Network Analyzer, Two Ports, 4.5 GHz R&S ZND


Key Features

  • Two-port network analyzer for unidirectional
  • measurements from 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz
  • Frequency range can be extended to 8.5 GHz
  • Test set can be enhanced for bidirectional measurements
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Dynamic range up to 120 dB
  • Power sweep range up to 48 dB
  • Bandwidths from 1 Hz to 300 kHz
  • More than 100 traces and channels
  • Compatible with all Rohde&Schwarz network analyzers

Application Notes