Probe Stand Assembly H-491269

Probe Stand Assembly H-491269

The Model H-491269 Probe Stand is designed for accurate and repeatable probe positioning when performing field uniformity calibration in accordance with 61000-4-3 and 61000-4-21, among other EMC and military standards. Additionally, this probe stand can be utilized for any precision positioning requirement. Physical Specifications

Base Plate 40.6 cm   (15.98 inches)
Base and Tube Height 243.8 cm   (95.98 inches)
Load Capacity Per Carrier 600 g   ( 21.16 ounces )
Probe Mounting Surface Maximum 240.0 cm   (94.49 inches)
Probe Mounting Surface Minimum 25.0 cm   (9.84 inches)
Tube Width 224.8 cm   (88.50 inches

Key Features

  • Adjustable Height From 25 cm to 240 cm
  • Graduated Scale in 1 mm Increments
  • Floor View Finder for Convenient Probe Location in Chamber
  • Offsets Provided for ETS-Lindgren EMC Probes for Sensor Centers
  • 1/4″ 20 UNC Probe Mount
  • Stable, Sturdy Platform
  • Low Dielectric Materials
  • Ideal for Field Uniformity to EN61000-4-3
  • Compatible with all ETS-Lindgren EMC Probes

Application Notes