MP7300 RF Recorder/Player – Discontinued and replaced by MP7600

MP7300 RF Recorder/Player – Discontinued and replaced by MP7600

Discontinued and replaced by MP7600 The ADIVIC MP7300 RF recorder and player system covers the frequency spectrum from 300KHz to 3GHz,  is ideal for field testing with its small size and light weight design and is user-friendly with a TFT-LCD touch screen.

The RF recorder can support all existing RF communications and all modulation schemes, analog and digital in the frequency spectrum with a minimum acquisition bandwidth of 45MHz.  The new design concept complies with Diversity and Dual Channel RF record and play application. The RF signal can be stored on a HDD which can then be analyzed via MATLAB software or replayed. The MP7300 allows the users to record and analyze the wanted channel signal, adjacent channel signal, noise/fading signal and any distortion signals.

MP7300 has two RF input interfaces which can support active and passive antenna types. The dual channel option has two independent RF RX modules. User can define the Diversity or Dual Channel application in various RF communication scheme. The 45MHz RF bandwidth can fulfill most satellite and wideband communication requirement.

Key Features



  • Dual Channel for Antenna Diversity signal record/playback, used for car DTV receiver test.
  • Adjustable bandwidth from 1MHz to 45MHz
  • Frequency coverage from 300kHz to 3GHz
  • Programmable DC output for the external active antenna
  • 250MS/s sampling rate in recording and playback
  • 16-bit resolution for Rx and 14-bit resolution for Tx
  • High linearity to accommodate strong and weak signals
  • Supports GPS NMEA data recording for route playback on Google Maps along with RF playback.
  • Remote control available
  • Pre-trigger recorder function
  • Data formats compatible with MATLAB analyzer
  • Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and file segment

Application Notes