HM8123 3 GHz Universal Counter

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HM8123 3 GHz Universal Counter

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These universal counter instruments are high performance precision measuring devices for research and development labs, industry, universities, test and production facilities as well as for service, and are ideally suited for test installations in production and automated tests in laboratories.
They support either an USB/RS-232, or an IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface and thus may be easily integrated in any test system. In combination with other HAMEG remote controlled instruments high performance test systems may be easily and cost effectively set up. Of course, any of these instruments can be operated manually and used in laboratories.

Key Features

  • Measurement Range 0Hz…3GHz
  • 2 Measurement Inputs DC…200MHz, 1 Measurement Input 100MHz…3GHz
  • Input Impedance A/B: 1MΩ/50Ω (switchable), Sensitivity 25mVrms
  • Input Impedance C: 50Ω, Sensitivity 30mVrms
  • 400 MHz Time Base with 0.5ppm Stability
  • 10-Digit Resolution at 10s Gate Time
  • 9 Measurement Functions, external Gate and Arming
  • Input for external Time Base (10MHz)
  • Standard: TCXO (Temperature Stability: ±0.5 x 10-6)
  • Optional: OCXO (Temperature Stability: ±1 x 10-8)
  • Intuitive One-Pushbutton Operation each Function directly addressable
  • Galvanically isolated USB/RS-232 Interface, optional IEEE-488 (GPIB)

Application Notes