HI-6053 Electric Field Probe

HI-6053 Electric Field Probe

ETS-Lindgren's HI-6053 Electric Field Probe provides broadband frequency coverage and wide dynamic range that satisfies the demands of most test requirements. This probe also provides the flexibility to select between reading the values of each axis individually (X,Y,Z) or summing their combined value. The HI-6053 Electric Field Probe is fully operational with ETS-Lindgren field monitor, HI-6100. The HI-6053 Electric Field Probe easily integrates with the majority of existing software systems. The HI-6053 Electric Field Probe is an upgrade to, and directly replaces, the widely used HI-445X Series and corresponding FP Series probes. The HI-6053 Electric Field Probe can also be used with the HI-4413P Fibre Optic Modem. The modem provides fibre (FSMA) to serial (DB-9) conversion for connection to a PC. User replaceable/rechargeable batteries power the HI-6053 Electric Field Probe. Electrical Specifications

Detection Isotropic (X, Y, and Z Axis Readings)
Frequency Range 10 MHz to 40 GHz
Frequency Response (Nominal) 10 MHz to 18 GHz +/-2.5 dB 18 GHz to 40 GHz +2.0, -4.0 dB
Dynamic Range 2 to 800 V/m (Single Range)
Resolution 0.01 V/m
Isotropic Deviation +/-1.0 dB
Linearity +/-0.5 dB of Reading
Sample Rate (Typical) HI-4413P Serial Modem - 44 samples/second maximum HI-6100 Field Monitor - 70 samples/second maximum
Overload Withstand >1500 V/m CW

Key Features

  • Reads/Displays Individual Axis Summed Axis Values
  • Fully Compatible With HI-6005/FP6001 Command Set
  • Dynamic Range: 2.0 – 800 V/m (single range)
  • Frequency Range: 10 MHz – 40 GHz
  • User replaceable/rechargeable batteries

Application Notes