HI-3624(A) Survey Meter

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Frequency Range: 5 (30) Hz – 2000 Hz

The ETS-Lindgren HI-3624(A) ELF Magnetic Field Survey Meter  is an affordable, easy to use magnetic meter for both field and laboratory measurements.

The standard configuration provides a wide 30 – 2000 Hz frequency response with stable readings when probing for peak field orientations. The 2 kHz upper cut-off frequency allows accurate measurements of more than 30 harmonics of a 60 Hz- power frequency field.

The HI-3624(A) is configured to meet the Swedish requirements for ELF magnetic field measurements. A low frequency cut-off switch enables either the 30 – 2000 Hz response for field testing or the 5 – 2000 Hz response as specified by the Swedish testing protocol for office equipment. The monotropic (simple axis) field sensor allows the user to predict the magnetic field polarization.

Electrical Specifications

Dynamic Range 0.2 mG – 20 G
Frequency Response, HI3624 0 – 2000 Hz ± 3 dB
Frequency Response, HI3624A 30 – 2000 Hz and 5 – 2000 Hz ± 3 dB, Switch Selectable
Sensor 0.01 m2 nominal area

Key Features

  • Single axis magnetic sensor
  • Measure fields up to 20 G
  • Useful directional diagnostic facility
  • Electricity supply industry applications

Application Notes