HMP4030/4040 Programmable 3/4 Channel Power Supply

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In the HMP series there are two 200 W and two 400 W types available which cover the range of 0…32 V and up to 10 A, depending on the number of channels required. This series is based on a classical concept with a mains transformer, high efficiency electronic pre regulators and linear post regulators. This concept yields the high power in the smallest space with the highest efficiency.

The HMP series further excels by its intelligent power management which allows higher currents (e.g. up to 10 A) at medium voltages (e.g. up to 16 V) to be made available. Excellent low residual ripple voltages (150 µVrms) are realized even at full power output. The high adjustment and back-reading resolution of up to 1 mV/0.1 mA fulfills even the strictest requirements. Last but not least there is the EasyArb function available on all channels which allows you to program simple arbitrary voltage and current waveforms.


Model Selection

Designation Type  
Programmable Three-Channel Power Supply HAMEG® HMP4030
Programmable Four-Channel Power Supply HAMEG® HMP4040

Key Features

  • HMP40303 x 0…32V/0…10A 384W max.
  • HMP4040 [4 x0…32V/0…10A 384W max.]
  • 384W Output Power realized by intelligent Power Management
  • Low Residual Ripple: <150µVrms due to linear Post Regulators
  • High Setting- and Read-Back Resolution of 1mV up to 0.2mA
  • Keypad for direct Parameter Entry
  • Galvanically isolated, earth-free and short circuit protected Output Channels
  • Advanced Parallel- and Serial Operation via V/I Tracking
  • EasyArb Function for freely definable V/I Characteristics
  • FuseLink: Individual Channel Combination of Electronic Fuses
  • Free adjustable Overvoltage Protection (OVP) for all Outputs
  • All Parameters clearly displayed via LCD and Illuminated Buttons
  • Rear Connectors for all Channels including Sense
  • USB/RS-232 Dual-Interface, optional Ethernet/USB
  • Dual-Interface or IEEE-488 (GPIB)

Application Notes