FP-SURGE 100M2 Coupling/Decoupling Networks

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IEC and EN standards cover testing of 3 phase AC and DC power ports. They include recommendations for the coupling and decoupling component values within the CDN. These values are largely based on the European model for AC power lines.

FP-SURGE 100M2 includes all the IEC and EN requirements with manual coupling path switching. FP-SURGE 100M2 EUT output has specially designed HV terminals, which provide enhanced personnel safety in relation to the high voltage impulse. In December 2005 the IEC 61000-4-5 Edition 2 was approved. This new edition 2 defines the maximum voltage drop due to the decoupling inductors. This requires different decoupling inductors dependant on the EUT current.

The higher the current the lower the inductance must be. The FP-SURGE 100M2 is compliant to the edition 2. The ANSI standards C62.41 and C62.45 contains much the same information as the IEC but based around the American experience with AC power lines. No requirements about voltage drop across the decoupling inductors are included.

Key Features

  • Combination wave 1.2/50us – 8/20us
  • Ring wave 100kHz
  • 8kVimpulse voltage
  • Line voltage690Vac phase-phase
  • 100AEUT Current per phase
  • Phase anglesynchronization for each coupling path
  • Manual selectionof coupling elements and coupling path
  • International Application– Specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of IEC, EN, and ANSI tests for power line applications.
  • Synchronization Path Switching– The FP-SURGE 100M2 synchronizes impulses with the selected coupling path.
  • Safe and Easy– The interlocked HV connections allow your operators to test safely and easily.
  • Full 100A Capability – Both AC and DC loads up to 100A per phase can be connected through the FP-SURGE 100M2.
  • Sturdy and Reliable – Careful component selection ensures that the FP-SURGE 100M2 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regime.
  • Upgrade Possible - Previously delivered FP-SURGE 100M couplers can be upgraded in our factory.

Application Notes