AMS-8040 Over-The-Air Test Lab

AMS-8040 Over-The-Air Test Lab

Product Overview

The ETS-Lindgren AMS-8040 is a self-contained enclosure for making wireless device over-the-air performance measurements. The unit can be used for design verification, pre-certification, production sample testing, desense and regression testing.

The AMS-8040 is equipped with a Model 3165-02 dual polarized, dual Vivaldi array antenna for both linear and circular measurements over the frequency range of 400 MHz to 6 GHz. The antenna is mounted on a removeable accesss panel at the top of the enclosure. The antenna can be interchanged with another antenna of a different frequency if needed. Two multi-polarized antennas are used for communication with the DUT.

The AMS-8040 is designed to provide an environment for relative OTA radiation performance of wireless devices. It can be used to measure approximate EIRP, EIS or RSSI in a given direction and polarization (DUTs are positioned with the included two axis positioner). These results can be used to compare the behaviour of multiple identical devices, or the same device under different conditions such as external interference or desensitization due to other platform components or radios.

Standard Configuration

  • Shielded enclosure with RF anechoic lining, RF shielded door, casters
  • Two-axis DUT Positioner
  • One dual polarized measurement antenna, two multi-polarized communication antennas
  • Connector panel with two SMA connectors and three Type N connectors for DUT I/O
  • Ethernet fiber optic media converter
  • RF cabling for measurement and communication antennas
  • Two days on-site setup and general operating training
  • EMQuest™ software
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    Key Features

    • 400 MHz – 6 GHz Frequency Range
    • > 80 dB Typical RF Isolation
    • 1 m Path Length
    • Two-axis DUT Positioner
    • DUT I/O Ports:
      – 2 SMA Connectors
      – 3 Type N Connectors
    • Roll-about Casters for Mobility
    • Onsite Setup and Training

    Application Notes