Chroma New Product pre-release announcement 62000D

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Bidirectional DC Power Supplies – Sink and source measurement of components designed

for bi-directional use.



  • Voltage: 0~100V/600V/1200V/1800V
  • Current rating: 0~540A
  • Power rating: 6kW/12kW/18kW
  • Two quadrant operation: source and load functions
  • High power density: 18kW in 3U
  • Easy master/slave parallel &series operation up to 180kW
  • Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
  • Auto sequencing programming
  • Voltage & current slew rate control
  • High speed transient response <1.5ms
  • Low output noise and ripple
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch control screen
  • Standard USB/LAN/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces
  • 3 Phase 4 wire universal AC power: 200 ~480Vac

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