N502X & N503X Performance EMP/EMI Control Filters

Product enquiry for N502X & N503X Performance EMP/EMI Control Filters

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Amp Range: 2 – 10 A  Frequency: 100 – 400 Hz

High performance control filters for Tempest, EMP and EMC application with performance of 100dB from as low as 14kHz and up to 100GHz on full load conditions.

These filters are physically interchangeable with the L2962 and L2972 filters, and are divided into two ranges for DC and AC options. The AC filters are also suitable for 400Hz supplies (see technical data for details).

The DC filters, rated up to 100 volts, are ideal for fire and intruder alarm systems, emergency lighting and DC control circuits such as lifts, automatic doors and relay controls.

Applications for the AC filters include the above for AC systems as well as low current lighting circuits and power supplies.

Both ranges are available with optionally fitted transient suppressors for surge and spike protection. The filter networks are hermetically sealed in high quality corrosion proof electro-tin plated steel cases and are shock resistant to 10g.

Electrical Specifications

Current Rating 2 Amps
Number of Lines 2