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Hioki portable battery testers support the maintenance of UPS and storage batteries critical to the life support of all businesses.

The BT3554 battery internal resistance tester sets the standard for assessing the deterioration and remaining life of UPS and other lead-acid batteries by giving a complete diagnosis via battery resistance testing.

The specially designed L2020 Pin Type Lead further improves testing efficiency with an L-shaped tip that lets you reach deep into the battery racks to completely probe the terminals.

Product Specification

Resistance measurement range 3 mΩ (max. display 3.100 mΩ, resolution 1 μΩ) to 3 Ω (max. display 3.100 Ω, resolution 1 mΩ), 4 ranges
Accuracy: ±0.8 % rdg. ±6 dgt. (3 mΩ range: ±1.0 % rdg. ±8 dgt.)
Testing source frequency: 1 kHz ±30 Hz, With function for avoiding noise
frequency enabled: 1 kHz ±80 Hz, Testing current: 160 mA (3m/30 mΩ range), 16 mA (300 mΩ range), 1.6 mA (3 Ω range), Open terminal Voltage: 5 V peak
Voltage measurement range ± 6 V (max. display ±6.000 V, resolution: 1 mV) to ± 60 V

(max. display ±60.00 V,  resolution: 10 mV), 2 ranges, Accuracy: ±0.08 % rdg. ±6 dgt.

Absolute max. input voltage 60 V DC max. (No AC input)
Display update rate Approx. 3 times/s
Comparator functions Resistance warning limit / failure limit, and voltage warning limit setting;

Number of comparator  setting: 200 sets, Beeper sound,


Data storage Max. storable data: 6000 sets. (Saved items: Date, time, resistance value,

voltage value, temperature, comparator setting values, and comparator


Communication interface Via USB (forward the data to the PC, bundled software)
No Bluetooth® Wireless technology
Other functions Temperature measurement (-10.0 to 60.0 °C), Zero-adjustment, Hold,

Auto-hold,  Auto-memory, Auto-power-save, Clock

Power supply LR6 (AA) Alkaline dry battery ×8, Continuous operating time: 8.5 hr
Dimensions and mass 199 mm (7.83 in)W × 132 mm (5.20 in)H × 60.6 mm (2.39 in)D (with protector), 937 g

(33.1 oz) (including batteries and protector)

Accessories Zero adjustment board ×1, Instruction manual ×1, Application software CD ×1,


Power-on option  sticker ×1, Carrying case ×1, LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×8,

Spare fuse ×1,  USB cable ×1, Neck strap ×1, Protector ×1

Pin Type Lead 9465-10 ×1 (Bundled with the BT3554), Pin Type Lead L2020 ×1

(Bundled with the BT3554-10)


Key Features

  • Measure and save data in as fast as 2 seconds, a 60% improvement from the legacy 3554
  • Instantaneously diagnose battery degradation (PASS, WARNING, FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage
  • Noise reduction technology improves noise resistance
  • New protector delivers better ergonomic hold and durability in the field.

Application Notes