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ASYSOFT is a user friendly suite for the management of antenna measurements tasks:

  1. Selection of the equipment
  2. Definition of the acquisition
  3. Acquisition itself
  4. Near to far field transformation (optional)
  5. Calculation of antenna parameters
  6. Representation of results


ASYSOFT can be upgraded with following ASYSOL transformation routines:

  • SNIFTD or ASY-EXPAND: ASYSOL Spherical near-to-far-field. ASY-EXPAND is the ASYSOFT Spherical Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Validated through extensive measurement campaigns. Accuracy as TICRA SNIFTD. Customizable Probe pattern and polarization correction
  • ASY-CNIFT: Cylindrical near-to-far-field. ASY-CNIFT is the ASYSOFT Cylindrical Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Developed for the Spanish Ministry of Defence and INDRA Sistemas Facilities for the measurement of primary and secondary RADAR antennas. Customizable Probe pattern and polarization correction.
  • ASY-PNIFT: Planar near-to-far-field. ASY-PNIFT is the ASYSOFT Planar Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Heritage from LEHA-UPM and EADSCASA, Espacio Facilities, Customizable,Probe pattern and polarization correction.
  • ASY-SFIFT: Main patterns acquisition in Fresnel zone to main patterns far-field

Key Features

  • Compatible with most VNA: HP8510, HP8530, R&S ZVK and ZVA, Agilent PNA and PNA-X
  • Compatible with ASYCONT controllers
  • User can select the proper configuration (positioners, type of measurement, use of external elements)

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