6404 Helmholtz Coil

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Helmholtz Coils create an extremely uniform low frequency magnetic field between and in the centre of the coils. The strength of the magnetic field generated is directly proportional to the number of turns in the coils and the current applied to them.

The coils are wound in series so that the magnetic field produced by current flowing in one coil aids the field in the other coil. The windings on most standard ETS-Lindgren Helmholtz coils are made of AWG-10 wire providing a maximum current greater than 20 A. On custom Helmholtz coils, wire gauge determines the maximum current.

Electrical Specifications

Amperes/ Meter/ Ampere 65.73
Gauge (AWG) 10
Gauss/Ampere 0.826
Number of Turns 56 per coil
Radius 60.9 cm
Total Inductance (H) 19 mH
Total Resistance ( ) 1.5
Type Monaxial Helmholtz Coil

Maximum Continuous Field                                                                          16.5 Gauss

Key Features

  • Excellent for Magnetic Immunity Testing
  • A Source for Calibration
  • Custom Models Available

Application Notes